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For over 50 years, Syndyne has been an essential supplier of quality products to the pipe organ industry. With thousands of control systems and millions of console components in the field, Syndyne remains a trusted partner for the majority of organ builders across the globe.



With thousands of control systems in the field, we have proven our system reliability in the face of thunder storms, floods, and the long steady stress of time. The MS8400 Master System is solid, with impressive driving capacity, expandable steel chassis, and extrusion reinforced circuit boards. The communication bus that connects our system was originally developed to keep airplanes in the sky, and freight-liner trucks safely on the road. During the MS8400 development process, we analyzed extensive industry feedback and years of system history to build upon previous strengths, add impressive new features, and overcome previous weaknesses. In addition to making our system robust, our components can be easily replaced in the field. Configuration data can be backed up onto a USB drive, so getting a system back online is simple. Unexpected downtime is minimized which leads to happier organists, congregations, curators, and organ builders.

The Master System is packed with incredible features and functionality, yet it is easy to install, configure, and use without requiring a PC. Our system’s modern touch screen and friendly organist interface makes it simple to get around, as opposed to cryptic and difficult displays offered by other systems. In installations where elegance or historical preservation is paramount, the MS8400 can be simplified even more to operate by mechanical controls and rotary selectors. The bottom line is that the MS8400 serves organists on their level providing a simple, yet powerful experience which puts control back into their hands. In doing this, we empower organists to make beautiful music on the most remarkable instrument the world has ever known, the pipe organ.

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