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Paul Fritts & Co. Organ Builders

Since the founding of the company in 1979, Paul Fritts & Co. Organ Builders has been dedicated to the design and construction of high-quality mechanical action pipe organs.



Paul Fritts, director of the firm, has devoted considerable time researching internationally and at home the techniques developed by outstanding organ builders with an emphasis on the remarkable organs from the so-called "Golden Age". These include organs in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France and the United States. Close attention is given to details of the organs themselves but also to the acoustical properties of the rooms in which they speak in. The marriage between an organ to its environment is key to understanding the organs being studied and key to building in today’s spaces. This research is augmented by our own experience building virtually all of the parts of the organs in-house from raw materials including the pipe metal casting and pipe construction.

Our mission is to craft instruments that today's players and audiences will love and cherish, instruments that possess sensitivity and tonal integrity.

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