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Would not be here if I had not grown up in a church that had a good organ, good music, good acoustics, a real music program, and an organist and a family who were there to guide. It’s an unusual field and there are so few of us. It’s a gift. I feel very blessed.



Garland Pipe Organs was founded in 1982. Our staff consists of seven full time positions many of which hold degrees in organ performance, piano, voice, and Industrial Arts. Our facility located in Fort Worth, Texas totals 6,600 square feet. Founder and tonal director Dan Garland has been involved in music for worship for forty years.

Our instruments incorporate both electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic action. Tonal design is tailored for each instrument depending on the size of the instrument, cubic space in which it is to be installed, the acoustic environment in which it will be heard, and the desires of the client. In basic terms we build instruments in the best of the American eclectic design with a lean toward the English tradition. Instruments are as small as four ranks and as large as 160 ranks. All our instruments both large and small incorporate a significant number of foundation stops.

We always have an open ear to the desire of the client and work with them to obtain the final design of the project. Whenever possible we offer firm advice in regard to other elements of the space including acoustic, structural, and visual design. Since a majority of our instruments are placed in houses of worship our most important goal is to build an instrument that will lead the congregation in hymn singing and be useful in all other elements of weekly worship.

Our goal is to excite and satisfy those who play our instruments and inspire those who hear our instruments. Our standard is to provide a large pallet of colors as to allow instruments to properly realize organ literature from all periods. In addition to building and rebuilding instruments we maintain approximately 100 instruments. One of our most rewarding experiences was building a new instrument of eighty ranks for the famous Ralph Adams Cram Chapel at St. George's School in Newport, Rhode Island.

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