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Holtkamp Organ Co

The Holtkamp Organ Company is a world renowned producer of beautiful, eloquent pipe organs.



The Holtkamp Organ Company traces its lineage back to the year 1855 and is the oldest continuously operating pipe organ company in North America. Throughout the years, Holtkamp has been actively involved in pioneering new trends in mechanical, visual, and tonal pipe organ design and been influential in forming the direction of North American organ building.

We undertake a wide variety of projects - from new small and basic organs to large, complex multi-instrument installations. Our actions employ mechanical, electric slider, and electro-pneumatic systems. By incorporating only superior materials and components in our instruments we insure reliability and longevity of your investment.

Our experienced team of craftsmen also restores and renovates existing Holtkamp organs and instruments by other builders. Holtkamp is passionate and committed to designing and building pipe organs of the highest quality and integrity. We encourage you to see and hear examples of our large portfolio of work, past and present.

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